Discipline and Security

Our discipline and security personnel make sure that our campus is a safe learning environment and that all policies are being followed. They also make sure to protect the general welfare of all students, staff, and faculty. 

Chelsia Stallworth
Assistant Principal; Discipline
Ext. 4427

Veronica Cabral
Admin. Assistant; Discipline
Ext. 4409

Guadalupe Flores
Ext. 50822

Omari Valere
Lead Security (Unit 1)
Ext. 4409

Johnny Pitts
Security (Unit 2)
Ext. 4409

Tonya Conway
Security (Unit 3)
Ext. 4409

Gustavo Martinez
Security (Unit 4)
Ext. 4409

Matthew Gaynor
School Resource Officer
Ext. 4406

Dalila Rocha
Security (Unit 5)