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Welcome to our School Activities/Clubs page. We recognize that extracurricular programs and activities contribute to overall student success. Participating in a club helps build confidence, teaches respect of self and others, and provides boundless opportunities for learning and growth. School clubs are a great way for students to get involved in more than just academics. 

  • AzHOSA/Sports Medicine - This club helps create interest and understanding in the intelligent choice of a healthcare career. (Recio)
  • Band - This group performs music of all styles and focuses on achieving musical excellence. The marching band performs at halftime for the home/away football games and numerous concerts and festivals throughout the year. (Flynn)
  • Be A Leader - Be A Leader is a post-secondary club preparing students for college and the work force. We give students opportunities to explore careers, colleges, apply for scholarships, and volunteer within the community. (Burgess)
  • Chess - New players learn how to play chess, intermediate players improve their game, and experts get a chance to test their skills. Members improve their cognitive abilities while having fun and making friends. (Whiting)
  • Choir - Choir performs a variety of styles of vocal music throughout the year at concerts, assemblies, and other events. This group also participates in festivals and choral competitions throughout the year. (Kim)
  • Creative Writing Club - Creative Writing is a place to share, improve, and eventually publish your poems, short stories, and other writing. (Salcido)
  • Dance Club - This club provides a means of self-expression, release, creativity, group cooperation, and a positive self-image through the movement of dance. (Biles)
  • FBLA - Future Business Leaders of America is a national student business organization bringing business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs. Members compete in local, state, and national events. Travel, networking, competitions, and scholarships are just a few reasons to become involved. (Kuehn)
  • FCCLA (Culinary Arts) Club - FCCLA Club members will learn cooking techniques, how to operate in a commercial kitchen, and enjoy special projects. (Rupe)
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes - FCA challenges student athletes and coaches to use the powerful platform of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ by equipping, empowering, and encouraging these young people in their quest to make a difference for Christ. (Lefebvre)
  • Feminist - This club discusses issues concerning matters of equality in our society. We're not afraid to ask the tough questions on topics such as race, gender, sexuality, class, and much more. We aim to uncover the way our society creates inequalities as well as generate ways to fix these issues. (Gorgan)
  • French - French Club is for all students interested in learning more about the French language and experiencing Francophone culture. (Daigle)
  • Flagline - We perform in conjunction with the Lobo Band. (Flynn)
  • Gifted and Talented - This club enhances and expands the opportunity for learning and supports the development of self-directed, autonomous learners. (Brasch)
  • Gamers Guild - We discuss current and upcoming video games. (Fingerson)
  • GSA - A safe place for students of all sexual orientations to come and be themselves. Our club discusses current equality issues, gay rights history, and defines terms used in today’s culture. GSA is La Joya’s Gay-Straight Alliance
  • Guitar Club - This club allows students to express themselves, show off their creative side, and play one of the most awesome and versatile instruments of all, the guitar. So whether you are a beginner, an intermediate player, or an expert; all will be welcome to jam and play on the guitar. (Gomez)
  • Lobo Pride - We provide increased awareness of the presence of special needs students on campus through school socialization opportunities and community activities. (Durant)
  • Montage Yearbook - The Montage Yearbook staff members use writing, editing, photography, design, and fundraising skills to create the school yearbook. This is a class period; your counselor can help you get into this class/club. (Eaton)
  • National Honor Society - NHS is an academic and community based organization. We seek sophomores through seniors who have obtained a 3.50 GPA and are willing to serve their community and school. (Brasch)
  • Photo Club - We promote the love of photography through various activities, and we learn and enhance photography skills. (Colkitt)
  • Peer Mediation - This group gives students a leadership opportunity as they receive training and learn to help students solve conflicts on campus without placing blame or fault on either student. (Perez)
  • Science - The purpose of this club is to expand and enhance a student’s learning as we focus on different areas of the sciences. Students will explore and further expand on their understanding in science. (Bond)
  • Skateboard - The purpose is to unite the skateboarding community of La Joya, help promote the sport, and put skateboarding in a positive light within the community at large. We watch videos, talk about our favorite or up and coming skateboards, coordinate meetups and competitions, and help each other learn new tricks. (Kovach)
  • Student Government/Council - Students develop leadership skills, promote democracy as a way of life, and have a positive impact on the school and community. Students elect members and officers from each grade level in the spring. These students take responsibility for freshman orientation, homecoming, prom, and all student activities on campus. (Saco)
  • Theatre Club - Students learn the art of improvisation, pantomime, character development, the use of a stage voice, blocking, and progress into short skits and plays. They do this in a group setting with members ranging from freshman to seniors. No experience required for this fun and exciting experience. (Ludlow)