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Welcome to our School Activities/Clubs page. We recognize that extracurricular programs and activities contribute to overall student success. Participating in a club helps build confidence, teaches respect of self and others, and provides boundless opportunities for learning and growth. School clubs are a great way for students to get involved in more than just academics. 

  • Art Club – Club sponsor Ms. Lauletta / Rm 307 – Art Club is a place to meet up with other artists and share ideas, do group projects, and create things for other groups (community service). We plan an annual trip and fundraise for it during the year. We visit First Friday in downtown Phoenix once a year. We meet generally on Tuesdays from 2:15 to 3:00 p.m. 
  • Band - Club sponsor Ms. Flynn / Rm 319 – This group performs music of all styles and focuses on achieving musical excellence. They perform at school events, parades, competitions, festivals, and other events.
  • Black Student Union – Club sponsor Ms. Higginbotham / Rm 1007 – A community-oriented culture club that educates and celebrates diversity and culture, with an emphasis on African American history and current social issues. The club is open to everyone of all backgrounds and ethnicities.
  • Board Games – Club sponsor Mr. Anderson / Rm 1102 – Students meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school to play non-electronic tabletop games in a safe and welcoming setting.
  • Choir - Club sponsor Ms. Kim / Rm 331 – Choir performs a variety of styles of music throughout the year at concerts, assemblies, and other events. This group also participates in festivals and choral competitions throughout the year. Choir is a class and meets throughout the day. See Ms. Kim for info.
  • Creative Writing Club - Club sponsor Ms. Salcido / Rm 1124 – Open to all students who enjoy writing poetry, short stories, novels, screenplays, fan fiction, or songs. Students are welcome and encouraged to learn new ways of writing for self-expression and sharing their work with supportive peers. We meet Mondays after school.
  • Dance/POM - Club sponsor Mr. Biles / Rm 510 – Audition based. (auditions in spring) See Mr. Biles for more information if interested in either. Dance is a class and meets during the class day. POM meets after school for practice, evenings, and weekends for games and events. 
  • Drama Club - Club sponsor Ms. Ludlow / Rm 302 – Interested in theatre? Want to be involved in our full- length productions? Drama Club is for you! We not only need super awesome actors, but also stellar ninja technicians! Open to all La Joya students.
  • Dungeons & Dragons – Club sponsor Mr. Anderson / Rm 1102 – Students meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school to play non-electronic tabletop games in a safe and welcoming environment.
  • Ed Rising – Club sponsor Ms. Turnbaugh / Rm 1105 – (CTSO) For students interested in a career in education and/or other related fields. Students participate in community service and volunteer projects, as well as building workplace skills and experience leadership opportunities throughout the year.
  • Environmental Club – Club sponsor Ms. Sharp / 1202 – Are you passionate about earth? Join Environmental Club and work together with other environmentally conscious people creating change on campus and beyond. We meet every other Tuesday afternoon at 3:15 p.m. to discuss recycling, environmental cleanups, and other ways to protect our planet.
  • FBLA - Club sponsor Ms. Kuehn / 819 – (Future Business Leaders of America) Want to make a difference on campus and develop your leadership abilities? Join FBLA! Travel and compete in business-related events, run the school store, and the Pack Shack! Help Lobos in need through 3 A Day, a school pantry providing weekend meals! Give of yourself to make the campus and community a better place. FBLA is a national organization. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday after school.
  • FCCLA (Culinary Arts) Club - Club sponsors Ms. Rojas & Ms. Rupe/ Rm 817 & Rm 1024 – Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a national career and technical student organization that provides opportunities for personal development and preparation for adulthood, which promotes Family and Consumer Sciences and related occupations. We will hold meetings in room 1024, dates TBD.
  • Feminist Club - Club sponsor Ms. Gorgan / 1103 – an academic club for discussing social justice and raising social awareness through club events, field trips, and community support. We meet every Thursday from 2:15 to 3:00 p.m. 
  • Freshman Class - Club sponsor Ms. V. Recio / 804B – You must have enrolled in student government. Help build a community among the freshman class. You will take part in campus activities and events.
  • HOSA - Club sponsors Ms. V Recio & Ms. Perotti /Rm 804 – An international organization that empowers future health professionals to become leaders in the community through education, collaboration, and experience. Open to all students in the allied health programs and those interested in planning to pursue or are pursuing a career in the health care programs at La Joya. Students will participate in on-campus events, field trips, and competitions at the regional, state, and international levels. We usually meet every other Thursday after school.
  • Humanities Club – Mr. Anderson / 1102 – We meet on Wednesdays after school to discuss and critique art and culture. 
  • JAG – Club sponsor Mr. Amram / Rm. 205 – The Jobs for Arizona’s Graduate course is an education-to-careers program designed to help high school students develop critical life skills, graduate high school, obtain a job, and/or seek post-secondary education, and start a career path. JAG students participate in a comprehensive program with competencies that meet the needs of today’s employers such as leadership and self -development, collaboration, and communication skills, personal skills, career development, and job attainment.
  • Jr Class – Club sponsor Ms. Ramirez / Rm. 1407 - You must have enrolled in student government. Help build a community among the junior class. You will take part in fundraising, campus activities, and Lobo events.
  • Latino Club/Latinx Student Union – Club sponsor Dr. Fomeche /Rm 1405 – To bring students together from different cultures in school to promote and celebrate the Latino culture. 
  • LJ Book Club – Club sponsor Ms. Igwe / Library – The Bookies meetings are once a week on Wednesdays. Read books and discuss them, visit, laugh, eat snacks, and have fun! Book club members choose which books we read each year. And don’t worry, no writing essays!
  • Los Ambassadors – Club sponsor Ms. Huggins / TBD – Our club works hard to promote the growth of student leaders on campus and help establish the La Joya High School PBIS initiatives to create an enthusiasm for success and positivity at school.
  • Newspaper – Club sponsor Ms. Eaton / 803 – The Eye of the Lobo Newspaper staff creates the online newspaper for our school. The newspaper meets during and after school to collect valuable memories for the student body. Students must enroll in Digital Communications to be part of the Eye of the Lobo newspaper staff. See Ms. Eaton in Rm 803 for more information.
  • National Honor Society - Club sponsor Mr. Harding / Rm 1403 – The National Honor Society (NHS) elevates a school’s commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Chapter membership not only recognizes students for their accomplishments but challenges them to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service. Acceptance into NHS is in April each year. Meetings are Tuesday after school in room 1403. 
  • GSA/Pride – Club sponsor Mr. Callaway / Rm 1027 – (Gender Sexuality Alliance) is an all-inclusive club that welcomes all students to attend. We discuss and consider issues that students of all gender and sexual orientations face on campus and in the world. Our goal is to help build a more inclusive and tolerant campus.
  • Science Club – Club sponsor Ms. Bond / Rm 1204 - Do you love all things science? If the answer is yes, then the science club is the place for you! The purpose of science club is (1) To promote an interest in all fields of science and STEM, (2) To have the opportunity to experience the sciences beyond the classroom, (3) A safe place to connect and build friendships with other Lobo scientists (4) To have involvement in the La Joya High School Community.
  • Senior Class – Club sponsor Ms. B Recio / Rm 1006 – You must have enrolled in student government and must be a senior. As the Stugo senior class, we help build community among the senior class. Students participate in fundraisers, Lobo events, and activities. Students are responsible, collaborative, dedicated, and spirited. 
  • Skateboard - The purpose is to unite the skateboarding community of La Joya, help promote the sport, and put skateboarding in a positive light within the community at large. We watch videos, talk about our favorite or up and coming skateboards, coordinate meetups and competitions, and help each other learn new tricks. (Kovach)
  • Skills USA – Club sponsor Ms. Eaton / Rm 803 – We are a partnership of students, teachers, and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. We help each student excel. SkillsUSA encompasses photography, graphic design, video production, and workplace employability skills in a competition setting. Students must have enrolled in digital communications/ digital photography to be part of SkillsUSA. See Ms. Eaton in room 803 for more information.
  • Sophomore Class – Club sponsor Ms. Gaucin / Rm 1005 – Student must have enrolled in student government. We help build community among the sophomore class. We take part in campus activities and events.
  • Student Council - Club sponsor Ms. Scott / 1309 – Develop your leadership skills by planning and managing a wide range of events, activities, programs, policies, and initiatives around campus. Students elect officers from each grade level in the spring. Student council meets as a 4th-period class and counts as an elective credit. 
  • Teatime – Club sponsor Ms. Rupe / Rm 1023 – (May not be active 2020–2021, per Ms. Rupe TBD)
  • Wild Lobos – Club sponsor Ms. Vanderpool /1513 – Designed for members to participate in a variety of activities/events to promote a greater understanding and respect for others within our school/community. Members will actively participate in supporting other clubs on campus activities including but not limited to food drives, clothing drives, toys for tots, etc. We pride ourselves on following the expectations of the “PACK” while on campus and in the community. A club designed for students of all needs and abilities to increase socialization opportunities, community activities, and awareness through self-advocacy, building peer relationships, and respect for others. We meet every third Friday of the month in room 1513 after school.
  • Yearbook – Club sponsor Ms. Eaton / Rm 803 – The Montage yearbook staff oversees creating the school yearbook each year. Yearbook staff meets during and after school to collect valuable memories for the student body. Students must have enrolled in Digital Communications to be part of the yearbook staff. See Ms. Eaton in room 803 for more information.